Project duration Project code Project name Responsible
2019 to 2022 824964 DIH² - A Network of Robotics DIHs for Agile Production
2018 to 2022 APVV-17-0116 Algorithm of collective intelligence: Interdisciplinary study of swarming behaviour in bats
2019 to 2022 313012P386 Robotic workstation for intelligent welding in low-volume production
2019 to 2021 1/0754/19 Research in control methods for collaborative mobile robots
2018 to 2020 APVV-17-0214 Collaborative robot for use in the laboratory
2017 to 2020 APVV-16-0006 Automated robotic assembly cell as an instrument of concept Industry 4.0
2019 VUIvORR Artificial intelligence in robot control systems
2017 to 2019 1/0752/17 Methods for intelligent control of unmanned aerial systems for inspection in industrial environments
2016 to 2019 1/0475/16 Control of dynamic systems under the conditions of uncertainty
2019 2018et015 An autonomous system for aerospace 3D printing
2015 to 2018 2015-10871/33302 Research of progressive laser beam welding technologies and systems to use in industry
2015 to 2018 0691/2015 Research of technological hubs of CNC cutting machines based on energy beam technologies
2016 to 2018 1/0065/16 Innovative HRI methods for robots' control in the real environment
2018 Automatic generation of trajectories for industrial robot
2018 2017et005 An autonomous system for aerospace 3D printing
2017 Platform for the research of multi-agent systems of mobile robots
2014 to 2017 1/0276/14 Application of algebraic methods to nonlinear control systems
2015 to 2017 APVV-14-0894 New generation of interface for service robots teleoperatoric control
2014 to 2016 010STU-4/2014 Education Innovation in Digital Image Processing, Biometrics, Machine Learning and Neural Networks
2014 to 2016 003STU-4/2014 Advanced methods of image processing used in visual systems and their implementation to the educational process
2016 Embedded Linux systems in Inteligent Buildings
2016 The effective remote control system for the service robot
2013 to 2015 1/0178/13 Research in the advanced control methods of intelligent multi-axis motion systems focused on mobile robotic manipulators
2012 to 2015 APVV-0539-11 Research of the service robot control with dual visual perception
2014 to 2015 ITMS 26240120038 Research centre for severe diseases and related complications
2013 to 2015 APVV-0504-12 Control Systems for Energy Beam Cutting Centers
2012 to 2015 1/1241/12 Advanced Methods of Robust and Optimal Control
2015 2014et004 ClouDiaDAQ (Diabetic Data Acquisition via Cloud)
2012 to 2015 1/2256/12 Modern methods for network control systems
2011 to 2014 ITMS 26240220072 Competence centre of intelligent technologies for electronization and informatization of systems and services
2011 to 2014 1-0177-11 Intelligent navigation of a service robot
2010 to 2014 IMTS 26240220033 AUTOWELDLINK - high productivity automatic welding of large-capacity tanks and pipes
2011 to 2014 APVV-0261-10 Bioinspired multirobot coordination system
2011 to 2014 APVV-0523-10 Sex-related differences in etiopathogenesis of social stress-related cardiovascular and behavioral disorders in individuals with predisposition to hypertension
2011 to 2014 APVV-0211-10 Advanced Decentralized Control Methods in Network Control Systems.
2012 to 2013 SK-FR-0013-11 PA-NCS - A polynomial approach to nonlinear control theory
2010 to 2013 Weldtech High-tech welding technologies research for industrial applications
2009 to 2013 CENTROBOT OPCS SK - AT Etablovanie regiónu Viedeň - Bratislava na medzinárodné odborné centrum v oblasti robotiky
2012 to 2013 7210 Fool Proof Check of Missing Screws on B/C
2011 to 2013 1/1105/11 Robust hybrid control systems
2013 2013et004 DiaDAQ
2011 to 2013 032STU-4/2011 OpenSource teaching and developement lab
2011 to 2013 Kód ITMS: 26240220060 Research and development of new information technologies for forecasting and solving crisis situations and for the security of populace. Smart Mechatronic Systems
2012 to 2013 Kompenzácia časových oneskorení v nelineárnych systémoch riadenia
2012 to 2013 Vývoj 1-DOF haptického zariadenia
2012 to 2013 Navigácia a riadenie autonómneho lietajúceho paracoptera
2009 to 2012 1/0656/09 Integration and development of nonlinear and robust control methods and their application to control of flying vehicles
2009 to 2012 1/0690/09 Optimization of mechatronic system control
2011 to 2012 RSR Control of a service robot
2010 to 2011 1/0369/10 Algebraic approach to nonlinear systems: theory and applications
2009 to 2011 3/7245/09 Building of virtual and remote experiments
2009 to 2011 1/0544/09 Advanced control methods for industrial processes
2010 to 2011 006-005TUKE-4/2010 New technologies in the education of the electrical and mechatronical systems control
2010 to 2011 1/0592/10 Advanced methods for networked control systems
2009 to 2011 3/7307/09 Design of a method of utilizing 3D means of modelling and virtual reality under conditions of teaching in specialized laboratories
2009 to 2011 VMSP-P-0004-09 Intelligent control of a service robot
2009 to 2011 VMSP-P-0030-09 Hybridný triangulačno-optický systém prevádzkovej kontroly kvality pneumatík
2008 to 2010 APVV-0530-07 Research and development of marginal Power Alternate Traction Drive
2008 to 2010 LLP-LdV-TOI-2008-LT-0022 Reviewing and Reviving Existing VET Curriculum
2009 to 2010 VMSP-P-0155-09 Merací systém pre spojkové obloženia
2009 to 2010 VMSP-P-0059-09 Univerzálny modulárny priemyselný počítač
2007 to 2009 3/5201/07 Teaching aids for distance learning in study program Industrial Informatics
2007 to 2009 3/5179/07 Návrh a príprava nového medzioborového učebného predmetu Inteligentné budovy (IB)
2006 to 2009 LPP-0127-06 Algebraic Methods in Nonlinear Control systems and their Application to Autorotation Problem.
2006 to 2009 APVV-99-045805 A networked control system for industrial applications
2008 to 2009 135375-LLP-2007-NL-KA4MP E-xcellence + Cross sectoral valorisation
2006 to 2008 1/3100/06 Intelligent Predictive Control Methods for Nonlinear Systems (IPMANS)
2007 to 2008 SK-BUL-0005-06 (MODCONT) Modified controllers design for nonlinear hydro power engineering plants control
2006 to 2008 1/3841/06 Control of complex systems
2006 to 2008 APVV-99-031205 Research and Development of New Generations Electric linear Drives with High Resolution of Position
2004 to 2008 13120120100 Enhancement of bachelor and master student preparation for their future career
2006 to 2008 1/3089/06 Development and integration of nonlinear system methods
2006 to 2008 1/3120/06 Sophisticated control methods for multi–axis motion systems
2007 to 2008 aug.06 Autonomous Airships
2008 SUSPP-0007-07 Intelligent Systems
2006 to 2008 3/4196/06 The virtual laboratory of technologic processes controlling by using programmable controllers
2006 to 2008 13120120287 Preparation of university teachers to effective using of ICT in the learning
2006 to 2008 13120200115 Doktorandi pre modernú priemyselnú automatizáciu v SR
2007 5_c Budovanie dištančného a e-vzdelávania na STU FEI
2005 to 2007 APVT-20-031404 Application of artificial intelligent methods in modelling and control of critical processes in power industry.
2005 to 2007 APVT-20-020904 Research of mechatronic systems and progressive technologies for surface material engineering
2005 to 2007 APVV-99-P05305 Research and development of HW and SW modules of positioning sensoric systems carriers
2005 to 2007 3/3075/05 Virtual laboratory and simulated experiments as a tool for improving the efficacy of teaching chemical and energy courses at universities of natural and technical orientation
2006 to 2007 júl.05 Visual servoing of a robot arm on a mobile platform
2005 to 2007 3/3121/05 Network of virtual laboratories for real systems control
2005 to 2007 APVV-99-P05005 Mini - portable meteorological radar - MMRradarpre operatívne potreby užívateľov.
2005 to 2007 APVT-99-P02305 Quantification of the overhead line ice cover by the system of optical fibre signal monitoring.
2006 to 2007 5 c Development of distance and electronic learning at FEI STU
2005 to 2007 DK/05/B/F/PP-145517 Safety on Machinery
2005 to 2006 APVV-99-022604 Stroje pre extrémne rýchle delenie materiálov
2004 to 2006 3/2411/04 Application of the advanced simulation software in the courses of a new study branch Production Technologies
2004 to 2006 3/2041/04 New teaching methods of flexible production systems
2003 to 2006 2003 Vplyv trhového prostredia na prenosy a premeny elektrickej energie
2004 to 2006 3/2399/04 Robotické laboratórium s teleprezenciou vývojára
2003 to 2005 1/0145/03 Syntéza nelineárnych systémov s obmedzeniami
2003 to 2005 1/0155/03 Inteligentné systémy riadenia
2003 to 2005 2003 Development of progressive technologies for powerful economic
2003 to 2005 1/0153/03 Advanced control methods of mechatronic systems
2003 to 2005 1/0158/03 Advanced methods for control systems
2002 to 2005 APVT-51-011602 Modelovanie, riadenie a simulácia distribuovaných výrobných systémov.
2002 to 2005 APVT-99-002502 Výskum progresívnych laserových zváracích technológií a systémov pre priemyselné využitie
2005 APVT-99-026504 Riadený usmerňovač s aktívnym filtrom harmonických prúdov pre inteligentné meniče frekvencie
2002 to 2004 2001/C 321/17 European Network of Excellence for Industrial Applications of Polynomial Design Methods
2002 to 2004 3/0057/02 Multimediálne študijné materiály pre bakalárske
2002 to 2004 APVT-99-006802 Riadiace systémy pre CNC rezacie centrá
2000 to 2003 1/7628/20 Intelligent mobile robotic systems
2002 to 2003 129/194 Robustné riadenie systémov
2002 to 2003 sep.02 Resonance Free Moving in Mechatronical Actor Systems with Integrated DSP-control
2000 to 2003 SK/00/B/F/PP-142 203 Satellite multimedia and rapid transfer of Education
2001 to 2003 52/2001 Teaching of computer integrated manufacturing systems - CIM