Participation of our institute at IFAC Symposium ROCOND

Seven papers from our institute were presented at IFAC Symposium Robust Control Design (ROCOND) that took place in Bratislava on July 8-11.

  1. Robust Controller Design with Input Constraints. Time Domain Approach (V. Veselý, A. Ilka)  pdf
  2. Robust Gain-Scheduled Controller Design for T1DM Individualised Model (A. Ilka, T. Ludwig, I. Ottinger, M. Tárník, E. Miklovičová, V. Veselý, J. Murgaš)  pdf
  3. Ultimate Data Based Robust PID Design for Performance (Š. Bucz, A. Kozáková, V. Veselý)  pdf
  4. Robust MPC Controller Design: Infinite Prediction Horizon (M. Hypiusová, V. Veselý)  pdf
  5. Robust Controller Design with Input Constraints: Frequency Domain Approach (J. Osuský, V. Veselý)  pdf
  6. Robust PID Controller Design for Performance Based on Ultimate Plant Parameters (Š. Bucz, A. Kozáková, V. Veselý)  pdf
  7. Robust MIMO Control for Interconnected DC Motors (M. Hypiusová, S. Kajan, Š. Kozák)  pdf

Photos from Symposium