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Rudolf Tellár


This event has been held since 1994 biennially, alternately in Czech and Slovak Republic. The main aim of the conference is: to present and survey the current state and trends in design and realization of control systems for power generation processes and heating systems to provide a forum to encourage mutual co-operation between the power engineering experts and research and university community.


The conference scope covers production, transmission and consumption of electricity and thermal power, design, implementation, economic and environmental impact of control and information systems used in power engineering.


  • Experience in electricity production, transmission, distribution and consumption.
  • Operation and control of nuclear power plants.
  • Information systems in power engineering.
  • Application of advanced control methods in power engineering.
  • Present research in power engineering.
  • Dispatching systems for real time control and monitoring of power systems.
  • Optimization and control of heat and electric power supplies.
  • Control of heating systems.
  • Improvement of power equipment safety and reliability.
  • Power generation from non-conventional sources.
  • Complex control of power systems of medium- and large power consumers.
  • Experience of the cooperation with the UCTE system.
  • Measurement and diagnostics in power engineering.
  • Economic and environmental aspects of power engineering.